Müsic – die Sucht ~An Addiction

Music – what music is ?
A piece of noise.
Over emotional or sentimental drama.
Sometimes things force me to ponder upon how people cannot feel music .When things go appropriately or go wrong ;everywhere we have to face the music whether we are at workplace or at home. 

When we say everything has music . especially when we say -there are some music in silence too.
After the five crucial element sixth is the music which exist everywhere and eternal like light , air , earth etc.
Whatever it is but for me,Müsic is the soul .
It is an another image of my soul  which wants to convey many emotions and express a set of thoughts.
Music takes me on high without alcohol.
Music gives me immense pleasure .
It gives me a big broad smile along with the slight movement and lips syncing

If a person shares his selection of songs with other person,he or she gives a chance to reflect into their soul.


Music , it is a companion for me what is all time with me and importantly it makes me happy.
Actually I want to meet a person who makes me happy like music does.
I listen to music more than I listen to anyone or my parents.

It makes me upset when people say that they don’t like listening songs.

Although I also don’t understand music and its genre perfectly but I can differentiate it in my own way such as rock pop ,romantic , trance ,electronic or in a layman’s language that it is my morning song or my working song or evening song or balcony song or moon song ( listen song while looking at moon) late night song, late night moon stare song ,meditation song,cheer up song, soothing or upset song etc.

A long list which contains different categories of song
Music has depth ………we just need to feel it whether you understand or not . It does not require perfection only interest .

Just feel it with a long breathe and close eyes. Get yourself lost and understand the lovely rhymes with unplugged version.
I don’t know the reason why I have written this post. But for me everything has a reason n it has forced me to write it so that people should start understand the music moreover they need to feel it .
Finally on a good note : people who says it is a piece of noise  i think it is an answer to them . We just need to feel its depth &  closed eyes in silence and feel the silence while amid  chaos. It’s beautiful and exquisite.

Music – it is a fine composition of poetry along with soothing instrumental music .
We just need to listen it….be attentive.

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Hey! People out there who ask me why do I think ;)


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A beautiful Pearl ! :)😄

Hey beautiful,
Wake up,tie ur hair
Wake up with a smile
Not with a tear in your eyes,which is at the edge of your eye
Preserve your pearls in eyes only
These are precious for you.
Don’t waste them anywhere for any reason .

Save them for a moment,when you will b fulfilled with joy and amazement.
Shed your tears for happy moments
When you have goosebumps and excitement.

Just have to wait for the precious and glorious moment .
Then you will only wonder to shed your tears or not but it will come out whether you want or not & roll over on your pretty cheeks.
You will learn the value of your tears and will be fulfilled with joy and happiness.

So just be happy !!! :)😄😄😄😄

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The journey of abandonment

Let there be spaces in your togetherness.
Kahil Gibran
And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. That’s a wonderful suggestion for getting on with your life : take a step back and let time and space flow between you and lost love.
1! Focus on yourself
2! Give yourself space to heal and breathe
3! Be calm
4! Pain of detachment is temporary
5! Get engaged
6! Listen to the intuition

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Honouring oneself

Ego~ that’s not my ego.
It’s my honour & if I lose my honour,I will lose myself.

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Watery eyes

Come on beautiful
Pick yourself up,
Dry your eyes,
Everything will be okay,
I promise

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Sometimes !!!!

Sometimes,we don’t express how we really feel .Not because we don’t know anything or we ignoring something or don’t know to speak or don’t know the purpose & not because we trust anyone. SOMETIMES its better not to speak because we don’t have exact words to explain . Articulation becomes difficult task.We want to say something and express something else. “Sometimes and sometimes”.
Sometimes;time is not correct… Sometimes;people don’t understand “Sometimes and many times” it hurts but sometimes become easier when we understand it .

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Simple yet beautiful !!!

Awesome dialogues …simple though worth

1.Dil ki saari baatein dilwalo k pass amaanat hoti hai

2.Duniya k kuch hi khaas logon ki khuda musibat se hifazat karte …

3.Jaane wo kaise log the jinke pyaar ko pyaar mila…. (Song and excerpt from Pyaasa movie)

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Keep on trying

Life is all about sharing your emotions,people play with them.You get hurt. keep on as only through sharing you find out a trustworthy person in your life.

Got this scribble in my old note book.Sometimes scribbling can be a good habit. You get some scrap notes in ur diaries n it makes you more delightful. And i dont remember when i have written that.

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Shades of life

“He is not my friend but I will Not hurt him.You are my friend ,but i will not help you.”
Life must be black and white ,not in shades.

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